Monday, September 29, 2008

Miracles and magic

This past weekend my wife and I had the opportunity to attend Joe Vitale’s Miracle’s Weekend / The Awakening Seminar in San Diego, Ca.

Have you ever attended a seminar and shortly there after the notes you took sit somewhere and collect dust or the aha’s seem to just fade away. Every now and then some of the insights do stick around and remain part of your Life, part of the reason is because we make a conscious effort to hold onto and utilize those insights, and the other part of the reason is because those who are guiding us are expressing “Truth” that resonates within us.

Every single speaker during the seminar expressed “Truth” that resonated, every speaker received an ovation, every speaker motivated me to take notes of great insights, every speaker produced miracles, every speaker to a huge extent shared their gifts, strengths, and talents, it was just simply an amazing weekend of magic…

Because all of the above I even added my own frosting on the cake to the magic, I asked every speaker to be on my Ilumine Ao radio show, and with my intention to have them all on separate dates as co-hosts in November.

Here is the amazing lineup of speakers that Joe put together, and may I add that even the audience participation was at optimal levels.

Meir Schneider: Creating the Miracle of Healing Blindness and How to Self-Heal the Body
Mark Ryan: Awakening from the Trance of Limitation
Dr. Susan Shumsky: Demonstrating How to Live in Miracles
Wendi Friesen: Working with Trance to Affect Miraculous Healing
Mandy Evans: How to Accept the Current Miracle
Dr. Joe Vitale: The Missing Secret to Attracting Miracles: The Miracle Process

As my wife and I drove home we marveled with all of the inspiration we received and the insights that were given to guide us to remember.

The best part is that it was all for OUR best and highest good…

Ilumine Ao,
Al Diaz

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