Monday, April 28, 2008

Signs from the other side

I have taken my time to post this… I guess because I was waiting for the inspired words to write about the subject matter that this post is all about. The fact you are reading it tells me there is something in this post for you also.

I have heard in movies and from others that say there are signs everywhere, and that they are here to support you, guide you, and even assist you. But in order for any of that to happen we have to be aware and open to receive, accept, and experience them.

Somewhere along the line a few years ago I became aware and open to Life’s signs of support, guidance and assistance, and everyday my awareness grows and everyday I see, hear and understand more of them.

I was blessed to have some of the greatest gifts or signs recently happen in my Life. It all began on the evening of April 16th when my mom transitioned that afternoon and it was her time to go home of the Creator. To some degree my family and I were expecting this to happen sometime this year, but we just didn’t know when.

To be honest there were many signs that were presented to me and with most I only realized the significance after some time and reflection, and I will share a few with you.

Not long ago my mom lived with us and outside of her bedroom sliding glass door was a garden of roses that she loved, every time they would blossom my mom was thrilled and delighted at the sight and smell of roses, usually though there would be about a dozen roses among all of the rose bushes.

On the evening of the 16th the electricity in our master bedroom went out and my wife jokingly said that this was my mom doing. I went outside to go and check out the breaker box which meant I had to walk past the rose bushes that I mentioned earlier and noticed in the darkness that the bushes had a lot of color in them. After I had taken care of our electrical issue, I again had to walk past the rose bushes and this time consciously paused to literally see dozens upon dozens of roses everywhere! My wife and I stood there in awe looking at this amazing sight and smell. Never in the time we have lived in our home had this ever happened.

A few days later after the funeral services we had a gathering of friends and family at our home where I was going to present a surprise and opportunity for all in attendance. We gave everyone a white helium inflated balloon and had them write a message to my mom. As we were preparing to finally let them all go at once, we looked up and saw a hawk who was floating motionless right above us and staring right down at us, and that is all it did! We all just stood there and stared at the hawk while it stared at us until about 4-5 minutes later I decided it was time to let the balloons go.

Most of the balloons stayed bunched up as the afternoon breeze ushered them skyward, but once they got close by and to the level of the hawk the balloons paused for about a minute and just stayed there. After that minute the balloons went on and passed the hawk to form a Heart and then reconfigure into a smiling face with eyes, nose and mouth, and heading skyward.

This magnificent experience was seen and felt by about 40-50 of us, and today we are all still talking about it and what our perceptions were of the whole event.

Though I won’t go into full detail I know that everything that I have indicated in this post are signs to guide, support and assist me from this day forward and through my mom’s transition.

The hawk being a gift from God read all the messages when the balloons paused in front of him, and the hawk became the messenger for all of us that day.

My message to my mom:
I love you mom!
Together let’s rock!!
For the best and highest good of all…

Ilumine Ao,
Al Diaz

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