Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Mijo is this magic?

The title of this post is a question my mom asked me when we came home after she received wonderful news from two of her doctors. In Spanish it means “Son is this magic?”.

Here is the story…

On April 2004 I moved my mom into my home, and at that time she was suffering from depression, had a stroke a few months earlier, beginning stages of Alzheimer’s, her mobility was degrading, and she had rheumatoid arthritis or RA.

By January 2005 she had become a different person and much healthier, her depression was gone, no signs of a stroke, Alzheimer’s was staying at the beginning stages, her mobility upgraded, and her RA was improving.

All of this was taking place by guiding her to take command of her Life, and that everything she had gone through was brought on by her own self. She resisted that last concept, but she was amazed at the improvement.

A few months later in mid April 2005 my mom began a cough that would not go away and at the end of the month we took her to urgent care to make sure she was ready to go on a trip with us. She ended up getting admitted to the hospital with her left lung filled with some unknown fluid, and three days later she was diagnosed with Lymphoma (cancer).

A week later she was in the hospital getting her first round of chemo.

That first day I was in the hospital room with her and looking at her with tubes and needles in both arms, and seeing a very angry and confused woman, physically trying to remove herself from the hospital bed, and yelling at me 'Why are you trying to kill me?!'

I got to the point where I bowed my head and closed my eyes, and asked Spirit why is this happening? Everything was going so well, why now? I couldn't understand. I told Spirit 'I have done everything you have asked of me', 'I don't understand!'

I looked up at my mom who was angrily ignoring me, took a deep breath and said "Spirit where is the Love in all this? Where is the opportunity in all this? Where is the blessing in all this?" 'I don't understand, but I TRUST you will show me'.

Sometime in July 2005 I had fallen asleep and took a power nap, I woke up with my whole body vibrating, in the ensuing weeks my Life began to shift with amazing clarity, and in August 2005 the clarity of The Titus Concept came to me.

September 2005 is the sixth round of chemo for mom, and on October 2005 the doctor tells my mom and I she is in full remission from Lymphoma, with the added blessing from her other doctor that the chemo also put her RA in remission. That evening after we had called our family members and told them the good news, she looked at me and said ‘Mijo is this magic?’, I just replied and said ‘This is all you mom, you did it’.

We all celebrated Christmas 2005 with mom in better health and more vibrant than pre-lymphoma, to the point where she moved from my home in California February 2006 to go back to Texas to spread her new vibrant Light.

Though she didn’t fully understand what transpired for her to be healthy, she just knew it worked.

You see, from August to October my mom and I before she would go to bed every night would say to each other 'For our best and highest good'(premise for The Titus Concept), and that became her perception. To be honest she did question it in the beginning, even asking ‘How could this be for my best and highest good?’, and especially after losing her hair.

But from the moment I asked those questions in that hospital room, I have had numerous opportunities, tons of blessings, and been fully surrounded by Love.

That day I shifted the energy within me, just as my mom did every night before she went to bed.

Together we created miracles…

Is it an illusion?
It is the illusion that you create.
How do you create it?
From your perception.
How do you change that perception?
Command your Life.
How do you command your Life?
Empower your Self.

It is time. You deserve it.
For OUR best and highest good, all ways… In every moment.

Ilumine Ao,
Al Diaz

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