Sunday, March 29, 2009

Beyond faith and hope...

Yes to Life...
Trust beyond hope...
Know beyond faith...
Is what I tell my audiences. Read this great article by Marie Russell, it is a must share article.

Ilumine Ao,
Al Diaz

Are You Lucky? by Marie T. Russell

"He's so lucky!" "She always wins!" "I'm just not lucky!" Do these statements sound familiar? Have they come out of your mouth at times? Do you believe that luck is something that happens to some and not to others? That some people "have it" and others don't?

What is luck? Webster's Dictionary tells us that luck is: "the seemingly chance happening of events which affect one." So luck is not haphazard -- it is a "seemingly" chance happening of events.

We are aware, metaphysically, that we draw to us those people and events that we are really meant to have in our lives. This may appear to be bad luck as in the case of an injury. Yet we attracted those circumstances for the lesson (gift) they brought. The same goes for good luck. We were willing to believe and open to receive so "good luck" came to us.

Life is what we make it and so is luck! If you are willing to believe, really believe in miracles, then they will take place in your life. The Master Teacher Jesus said, "By your faith, ye shall be healed!" The belief comes first, then the event (miracle or luck) comes after.

So I would suggest that you can choose to believe in luck but not in the fact that it falls indiscriminately where it chooses. It comes to those who are willing to have miracles in their lives. The doubting Thomases have a billboard out in the ethers that says "Detour". The "Luck" may be headed their way, but is detoured because of lack of faith and trust.

To believe in luck you must believe in your own "deservability". You must be willing to experience miracles and to have "unexplainable" happenings in your life. If you constantly are looking for the rational, logical explanation for events, there will be no room for "lucky" miracles in your life. As someone said: Expect a miracle -- make miracles happen.

How does one make miracles happen? By demanding them, that's how. Many times we put in our requests to the Universe/God/Goddess as if we were beggars. We ask pleadingly, not really believing that we either deserve or will receive what it is we ask for. We think the odds are against us. And for that very reason we may not get what we ask for.

I've found that when I demanded something from the Universe, almost commanded as a matter of fact, I always got what I wanted. I recall that in the Bible, Jesus commanded the waters to be calm. He didn't say, please would you, if it's ok with you, if it's no bother. He commanded! And he had no doubt that his desire would be fulfilled.

A friend told me of her experience. The rain was coming down almost in a deluge one day as she needed to go out to an appointment. As she didn't want to get wet, she stood inside watching the rain, wondering when it would stop. Then she felt that she would make it stop. And she loudly commanded the rain to stop. And lo and behold, it did instantaneously.

Have we ever demanded from the Universe what we wanted? How many times have we said, I want this and I want it NOW! Perhaps we need to get out of the pleading helpless infant mode, and really request we want -- not in a begging or manipulative manner, but clearly, and with intent, command the Universe to give us what we ask for.

I remember on one occasion doing that very thing. I was tired of going from relationship to relationship -- six months here, one year there -- and not finding the "love of my life". One evening as I was getting ready to go to a friend's birthday party, I realized I was tired of searching for Mr. Right. I found myself telling God that I'd had enough; that if I was meant to have a relationship, the "man of my dreams" better be at the party. Well... Sure enough, I met a man at that party who later became my husband.

We have been told, "Ask for what you want." Yet at times we have not asked, or we asked not believing that we would receive. It is as important to ask as to believe. And it is important to ask clearly, knowing that we deserve to receive the best. You can even say: "I ask for this or something better." Then trust, don't hope, that it will come. Hope still denotes lack of trust... I hope this will happen. Instead of: I'm sure, I trust. You see the difference?

Another issue is one of deservability. Sometimes we do not believe we truly deserve blessings, love, riches, whatever... After all, we recall some of the times we were "bad" and because of our ingrained belief in a punishing and avenging God, we don't really believe that we deserve what we are asking for. We must reprogram ourselves with deservability: "I am worthy!" "I deserve the best." " I deserve love."

The other day, as I thanked someone for something they had done, their reply was "You're welcome, and you are worthy!" That stopped me in my tracks as I realized that for many of us, receiving is an issue... whether it is about receiving a gift, a favor, a compliment. Someone says "You did great!" and we tend to brush it off "It was nothing." Sound familiar?

In order to receive, to be "lucky", we have to know that we are worthy! Remember, you are a "child of God", a child of the Universe, a divine creation. Of course you are worthy of all the blessings that exist on this planet. You are worthy! You deserve the best... even if you are not a perfect angel. No one is perfect! Perfection has nothing to do with deserving goodness in your life.

Be willing to trust that there is a Divine Purpose and Divine Consciousness that is greater than what you can envision. Be willing to say YES to life, to love, and to miracles -- and then you'll be one of the "Lucky" ones, too! Remember, your luck is what you make it!

“It’s your time for a phenomenal year in 2009”

For OUR best and highest good, all ways... In every moment.

Ilumine Ao,
Al Diaz

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