Monday, March 23, 2009

This insight goes to another level

Hello all...

This past Thursday I had a co-host on my show by the name of David Webber. All of my shows are at least very good, some are great, and few are very special.

Immediately after the show with David I thought it was a very good show, but over the weekend I realized it was actually a very special show. During the show we talked about "choice" or "choosing" to do something.

I was blown away by what this guy was saying, along with the insights I was receiving while I was listening to him. This weekend as I thought about it... it made sense.

If you can wrap your mind around this it will rock your world.

Hint: "Choice" or "choosing" is not necessary.

Here is the link:

Let me know your thoughts.

PS maybe some of you are already living this way...

“It’s your time for a phenomenal year in 2009”

For OUR best and highest good, all ways... In every moment.

Ilumine Ao,
Al Diaz

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