Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Al Diaz #1 of 7

Over 10 years ago I began a personal quest to move on from real or imagined limitations going on in my Life.

In August 2002 I had an accident that caused me to heal physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, it also accelerated my desire to understand how man and the Universe co-exist.

Three years later in August 2005 I was guided to go to my office at home and write a couple of paragraphs on three different sheets of paper. I remember reading what I had written and thinking to myself this is “crazy, life can’t be this easy!”.

Eventually those paragraphs on those three sheets of paper became steps to a simple process that are Now called The Titus Concept.

The steps can be used in any area of your Life, but for my first book I decided to use them to guide others regarding money. So my first published book that was released in May 2006 was called The Titus Concept Money For My Best and Highest Good.

I continued to raise my level of awareness through mentors and spiritual guidance that I was being given. As my insights introduced me to a greater understanding, they confirmed that we are the ones who place limitations on ourselves by the false “truths” we have been influenced by or even accepted.

I have been blessed to continuously move forward and as I do…I also share the insights with thousands of others worldwide with my newsletters, speaking engagements, radio shows, and books.

BEing The Titus Concept is my newest book and in other posts in this blog you can read all of the endorsements that came in from seemingly everywhere.

But, here is the bottom line…

With every resource I have available my intention is to raise the level of awareness for as many people as possible so that they live and function from a Heart based consciousness, Love themselves unconditionally, release fear based values, and have the Lifestyle they desire and require.

With that intention fulfilled…I kNow that our world will BE a better place.

“Heaven on Earth”

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“It’s your time for a phenomenal year in 2009”

For OUR best and highest good, all ways... In every moment.

Ilumine Ao,
Al Diaz

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