Sunday, January 4, 2009

Alan Tutt #7 of 7

Several years ago when I was beginning to awaken I had a great thirst to understand how man and the Universe co-existed. So I attended seminars, workshops, had mentors, and signed up for many, many ezines and newsletters.

At some point it became information overload but I didn’t decide to do something about it until the early part of 2006 when I was ready to finally let go of the fear of possibly missing some vital information.

One of the things I did was cut down the amount of newsletters I subscribed to going from about 20 to about 8 of them. I’ll be honest that was a difficult process. Of the remaining 8 there is about 4 that I am still currently subscribed to, one of them is Alan Tutt’s newsletter, he is part of the reason of where I am at today.

Alan continues to progress and move forward, and also has a thirst for understanding how things work in this Universe. It becomes almost natural for him to present fresh ideas to his List because of his thirst for knowledge and his willingness to share it with others.

That is why I asked him to BE part of these series of shows, and because he brings value.

Here is his website:

Listen to the show on January 5th at 6pm Pacific and hear how you can have a priceless gift of a 70 minute MP3 – downloadable called “Your Pathway to Power”.

Here is the link:

“It’s your time for a phenomenal year in 2009”

For OUR best and highest good, all ways... In every moment.

Ilumine Ao,
Al Diaz

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