Friday, January 2, 2009

Emalani #4 of 7

A couple of years ago my wife and I were attending services that one of my mentors at the time was having, and during this one service we met Emalani. After speaking with her for a few minutes I soon realized how in tune or connected she was with Spirit.

Granted…whether we know it or not we are all connected to Spirit, but Emalani seemed to have a different connection than most. She seemed to be able to pick up on things that others didn’t sense.

It is that extra sense that intrigues me about Emalani and her willingness to help others. Either intentionally or unintentionally she has been through many experiences that will help her to guide others, especially to move forward in and with Love.

It is BEing in that Love energy that I felt that she should be part of this series of shows, to guide us to shift the energy within us that will ultimately shift our eternal reality, and it all comes from the Heart.

Here is her e-mail address:

Listen to the show on January 3rd at 1pm Pacific and hear how you can have a priceless gift of a personalized essence by Emalani!

Here is the link:

“It’s your time for a phenomenal year in 2009”

For OUR best and highest good, all ways... In every moment.

Ilumine Ao,
Al Diaz

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