Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Are you feeling it?

There is something going on here…
What it is…
Not exactly sure…

Lyrics of a song back in the 60’s.

There is something that is meeting head on with all the gloom and doom. Something very subtle, but very powerful. Almost like a riptide, you can’t see it, but when your in the ocean you sure can feel it.

Perhaps we as humanity are realizing our own innate power, both collectively and individually. Perhaps we have decided to move forward from where we come from, the natural state of progression, just like the rest of the Universe.

Maybe we finally come to terms that the mindset we have been functioning from as individuals and collectively doesn’t really work or serve us.

Are we awake Now to know that being completely dependent on anyone or anything is dis-empowering?

It is ok to BE inter-dependent, and even better to BE independent.

Fear is driven by being dependent on something outside of your Self, you give your power to something outside of your Self to which you really have no control of. Which is utterly ridiculous!

But everyday it seems more and more people are taking their power back. Almost as if to say in your world it may be doom and gloom, but in my world I am anxious as a birthday child getting ready to open a new persent.

There is an undercurrent of Light, but you must BE open to feel it. What we are going through are opportunities of a Life time. It is Now that we can create a ripple effect for ourselves and for our future generations.

Just tell your Self:
“I am who I am, I am different, and I am making a difference for my Self, my family and Loved ones, and for all future generations…”

So that one day after you are gone they will reflect back and say you made a difference for best and highest good of all…

For OUR best and highest good, all ways... In every moment.

Ilumine Ao,
Al Diaz

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