Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Like a new baby

Have you ever started a project, any kind of project where you had a deadline to meet? It could be at your job, your own place of business, something personal like a party or a celebration, or even a vacation.

As you go through the process of putting everything together so that the end result is how you envision it, you check and re-check your steps to make sure that everything is going how it is suppose to.

Because deep down inside we kNow we deserve the absolute best, and deep down inside we desire what is best for ourselves. So we go through this process of whatever project we have going on or deadline to meet making sure everything is going well.

Right Now I am going through that with my new book ‘BEing The Titus Concept’, it is almost like bringing a new baby into this world, and I desire to make sure everything including the process is going at the absolute best that it can BE.

But then I read endorsements like the following and realize that it all is flowing as it should…

Aloha Al,
“You rocked my world with the simplicity, beauty, wisdom and love that I found contained in BEing the Titus Concept. As I continued to read and reread “for my highest and best good” I finally realized that it was a process of forgiveness, or in Hawaiian terms, ho`oponopono (making things truly correct) which is an ancient practice of our islands and one which kept us all living with Aloha or love.
The other thing I noticed was that when I took the time to write and answer the questions posed in the book it answered the question most often heard from people spiritually awakening and that is “What is my purpose here on this planet?” and at the same time brought clarity and focus to the values and true desires of my heart. It would take a book larger than this one to convey my appreciation and love to you for BEing willing to allow yourself to share this wisdom with us all.”
Ke akua aloha pu me oe (The God of Love BE with you).
Reverend Pomaika`i Coulon
Kealakekua, Hawai`I

If you don't want to have your life transform, don't pick up this book! Simply reading Being the Titus Concept from cover to cover casually answering the questions was thought provoking and AHA inspiring. There are so many techniques and exercises, each one building upon the previous. That final affirmation sent waves of energy through my body similar to what occurs when I am in deep meditation.”
Llenar Bragg, Host, No Out There Talkshow www.no-out-there.com

Moving forward towards #1

For OUR best and highest good, all ways... In every moment.

Ilumine Ao,
Al Diaz

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